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In 2010, photographer Paula Bronstein documented a special section of the Marines working in Afghanistan - a Female Engagement Team (FET). Muslim tradition often forbids interaction between men and women, so the FET was created in order to engage with the local female population.

Yesterday, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the Pentagon would formally open combat roles to female soldiers.

See more of Paula’s images featured on Time and NBC News.

All Others Ready to Leave for Boot Camp….


I am so ready to leave for boot camp already. I want to be a Marine! I want to scream like a Banshee, run my ass off, and do what I need to do to EARN that EGA! That is what i want. I don’t want A Christmas present.. I want a ticket to Parris Island! I want to be guide and Motivate my PLT. I am gung-ho and ready to go. I know it wont be easy but its what we asked for. Am I right? So lets get it done Poolees!!

                                                        Semper Fi,

                                                                    Cori A. Queen

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